The Ten Commandments of Cause Marketing Law

Have you ever wondered:

  • Which cause marketing practices are regulators most concerned about?
  • What are the biggest do’s and don’ts in drafting (and placing) campaign details and disclosures?
  • When should I reach out to my legal counsel on a new or potential cause marketing campaign?

I answer these questions and more in The Ten Commandments of Cause Marketing Law Infographic, presented by Joe Waters‘ Selfish Giving blog, and Episode 152 of the CauseTalk Radio Podcast.

I had a lot of fun working with Joe on this infographic. As the leading blogger on all things cause marketing, Joe came up with a fun format for presenting the key cause marketing legal  issues in a visually engaging way. And since lawyers have a hard time explaining all the nuances of the law in as few words as can fit into an eye-catching infographic, Joe, along with Cause Marketing Forum’s Megan Strand, gave me the chance to go deeper into each of the Ten Commandments during a 1/2 hour podcast.

I hope you enjoy this audio and visual journey into the Ten Commandments of Cause Marketing Law!

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